Airtechnix is an Intellectual Property, Design and Manufacturing firm incorporated in the State of California serving the Metalworking, Fabrication and Welding Industries. Our "High End" Engineering products are backed by our world class manufacturing systems.

Leadership by Design

A product of decades of extensive experience in Machine Design, Industrial Automation and Project Management combined with a relentless search for new and innovative approaches to existing technologies, Airtechix shall derive and execute the best solution to your tough manufacturing problem.

PowerCyl Making use of higher end tools such as Finite Elements Analysis, Solid Computer Modeling and Variation Simulation Analysis our products are thouroughly tested in the virtual world long beofe the first chip flies off the first part of the first prototype.





Total Quality Management

We are committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), doing things right the first time, every time through seamless integration and continual improvement of all company processes. We strive in every aspect of our business (design, engineering, production, customer service, accounting etc..) to constantly meet/exceed customer needs and expectations.







Customer Focused Business Model

With customer satisfaction being the product of excellence in every aspect of the business aside from delivering of a good product, we are committed to the following business model for integrating our customers into the core operations of our business.







Advanced Product Quality Planning

We are committed to Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP through involvement of our customers and suppliers in our Resarch and Development R&D, Product Engineering and Manufacturing activities. We make efficient use of our high end engineering tools to ensure that the behavior of our products is well understood and that the manufacturing variance is within acceptable limits in order to constantly meet or exceed our product specifications.