The modularity of the Airtechnix Designs allows for incorporation of virtually any NFPA Standard Cylinder into our Products. We will always offer to meet your Standards and Specifications using your Designated Suppliers.

Airtechnix will design and build to your Standards for:

  • NFPA Cylinders.
  • Valves, Regulators, Filters and Lubricators.
  • Sensing Components, Solid State and Otherwise.
  • Light Curtains and Laser Class Safety sensors.
  • PLC's, pushbuttons and other Electronic components.
  • Palm buttons and other Air Logic components.



This choice of componentry including NFPA Cylinders will continue long after we have decided on a Cylinder Supplier Line for our Standard Product. Negotiations are currently ongoing and these pages will be updated once we have selected a partner.

Whether you seek a Simple Component or an Integrated System, Airtechnix will always provide you with choice of components meeting your Standards and Specifications.