Introducing our new Power Cylinder. A purely pneumatic solution that exceeds performance of Air over Oil cylinders without the shortcomings of moving a high viscosity fluid, bubbling due to negative pressure, replenishing needs, lost performance, scheduled maintenance etc... Power Cylinder

Making use of a standard Double Rod Heavy Duty Pneumatic NFPA Air Cylinder, this product provides the end user with an unmatched array of options: choice of mounting, seals, ports, cushioning at either or both ends and non-rotating ram provisions etc...

This design is on the average 33% shorter than Air over Oil comparable products and can be provided with longer power stroke without the additional length penalty, amounting to approximately 2 1/2" to 3" in extra length for every 1/2" of additional power stroke.

The device inherent two stage operation facilitates arbitrary fast approach to the work, followed by controlled deceleration as the coupling mechanism is engaged, user adjustable from virtually none to an almost complete stop prior to engagement of the work. Lacking the need to move a high viscosity fluid, the processing speeds of the power stroke are limited only by the application.



Standard Double Rod Heavy Duty NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder

Power Cylinder



Proprietary Coupling Mechanism

Power Cylinder


















Coaxial Pneumatic Cylinders Stack

Power Cylinder