Airtechnix history is deeply rooted in high performance pneumatic tooling. Our founder Mr. Hazem Hamed started his career as a draftsman and then as a designer at Lapeer Mfg. Co. otherwise known as Knu-Vise, an original manufacturer of a wide variety of Toggle Clamps dating back to 1916.





Mr. Hamed continued to work on a part time basis at Knu-Vise while pursuring his Mechanical Engineering studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Through his tenure at Knu-Vise, Mr. Hamed became well versed in Mechanical and Tooling Design. With the knowledge gathered from his curricula, Mr. Hamed derived an entailed mathematical model of the Toggle Clamp which revealed that the mechanical advantage at center bears an inversely parabolic relation to the friction in the joints. Knowledge to later on realize major commercial successes.






A Better Clamp

After receiving his mechanical Engineering degree, Mr. Hamed pursued a career with De-Sta-Co as a Product Engineer. Mr. Hamed is one of the original inventors of the De-Sta-Co 895 Series Automotive Power Clamps. Through collaberation with the seasoned Mr. Al Mcpherson at the time, Mr. Hamed designed the 895 Series power clamps propelling De-Sta-Co  895into deep penetration of the automation intensive automotive "Body in White"welding markets in the US and abroad. Through addition of needle bearings in the guideway, the 895 Series Power Clamp was the first product of it's kind able to reach an overcenter lock, in the process exceeding the performance of rival products by a factor of approximately seven while withdrawing at approximately half the rated air pressure.

Patents Granted.



Mr. Hamed has since been actively involved in manufacturing, fixturing design, automation, material handling, project management and sales moving manufacturing technologies forward with every endeavor he undertook. Some of Mr. Hamed's additional notable achievements,



  • Full line of compound toggle Power Grippers
  • Fully automatic wire harness fabrication system
  • Fully automatic AGV load/unload/Line Feed system
  • Fully automatic multiple CMM inspection room




Recently realizing that there was a niche for a better product in the Metalworking Industry where world class manufacturers were still relying on hydraulic fluids for intensification of nominal force of a simple air cylinder, Mr. Hamed set out to devise a strictly pneumatic solution free of reliance on hydraulic fluids. Two inventions followed.





A Better Press

A compound action mechanical press making use of an NFPA pneumatic cylinder serving to advance the device square ram toward work engagement position in the process engaging a proprietary coupling mechanism making use of a simple toggle linkage serving to connect a substantially larger NFPA pneumatic cylinder acting through a leveraging mechanism to deliver the desired intensification at the ram to process the work. Patent Pending.

Air Press


























A Power Cylinder

A standard double rod heavy duty pneumatic NFPA cylinder serving to provide the substantial travel desired in metalworking application with a proprietary coupling mechanism serving to engage near work engagement position, an intensification stage making use of a set of coaxially aligned and cooperating air cylinders. More on this in the following pages. Patent Pending.

Air Press
























A Needed Location

With the Metalworking OEM's predominantly concentrated in the Midwest, we have made the conscious decision to incoroporate on the West Coast, in the process supporting remote manufacturers as well as exploring new venues. Our new home is Long Beach, California which is well within the extensive suburbs of Los Angeles.