Airtechnix has recently been incorporated in State of California. Located in Long Beach within reasonable distance from the extensive suburbs and manufacturing towns located near Los Angeles, we are strategically located in the vicinity of remotely located OEM suppliers constantly relying PCon support from the Midwest and the East Coast.



New Power Cylinder

Airtechnix has developed a new Power Cylinder making strict use of compressed air without reliance on oils and fluids. The heart of this device is a propriatory coupling mechanism serving to engage near the end of the advance stroke, a set of coaxially aligned and cooperating air cylinders providing a secondary stage of operation where the exerted effort is proportinately multiplied. Patents Pending.



  • Fully Pneumatic Operation
  • No Fluids or Oils
  • Operable in any orientation
  • All Standard NFPA Cylinder Options
  • Optional positive End Stop
  • Optional Integral Sequencing Valve



Operation, Features and Benefits of this new product are outlined on the following pages of this website.