Airtechnix mission is the design and development of "High Performance" products based on creative concepts and new approaches pushing the envelope of existing technologies.


Our new Power Cylinder offers the end user a total pneumatic solution with operational performance and efficiency exceeding air over oil less the maintenance and speed shortcomings. The device inherent two stage operation facilitates arbitrary fast approach to the work followed by controlled deceleration as the proprietary coupling mechanism is engaged, user adjustable from virtually none to an almost complete stop prior to work engagement thereof. Once contact with the work is made, processing speeds are limited only by the application.


If you seek a high end solution, our new Mechanical Press makes use of standard small NFPA Cylinders for quick advance of a square ram followed by a large NFPA acting through a proprietary mechanism providing high mechanical advantage to process the work. Inherent operation of this press permits control of engagement with the work from a full stop to virtually none.


We are the World Leading Experts in this technology. Our products have proven themselves through three decades of intensive automotive applications. We will design and fabricate any special to suit your applciation. We will challenge any leading manufacturer to devise a better solution. Call us with your application.


We have patented technologies for compound action Grippers that have only recently been mimicked by leading clamp manufacturers. We will design and build the smallest footprint lightweight end effector for your application with highest clamping effort. Call us with your application.