Airtechnix Power Cylinders and Presses are ideal for Welding Presses and Guns applications as they are guaranteed to outperform air over oil Welding Cylinders:

  • Speed           Quick actuation relying solely on air without inherent requirement to displace a high                      viscosity fluid.
  • Throughput  Individual Speed adjusmtment of extension stroke, coupling, pressure stroke and                      retract stroke allows for reducing the cycle time to the absolute bare minimum.
  • Full Control  Full control of the speed of the Pressure Stroke allows for fine tuning the process to                      materials types and thicknesses.
  • Qualtity        Substantial Quality improvements achieved via Full control over the speed of                      engagement with the work.
  • Cleanliness   Zero Contamination of the work and the environment due to lack of reliance                      on oils and other fluids.
  • SPC               Statistical Process Control via well packcaged integral LVDT with speed resolving                      software allows precise monitoring of speed, coupling and processing of the                      work to ensure that processes are "In Control" and stay "In control".



With Speed and Control of engagement of the Welding Points being one of the most critical elements in the Welding process, Airtechnix full part engagement control and optional "Power Stroke Hard Stop" option will ensure that the same "High Quality" welded joint is achieved every time.

Airtechnix will design your Welding Tooling using the Highest Quality third party supplied components carrying the same original arranty the Airtechnix products carry. Call us with your application today.